The Different Types of Self-Storage Security

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March 13th, 2023

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Self-storage security is an important consideration when storing your belongings in a storage facility. There are many types of security measures that can be implemented to ensure the safekeeping of your belongings.

The most common type of security is a locking system, which is typically a keyed or combination lock. Keyed locks are typically more secure as they require a specific key to open the lock. However, keeping track of the small key is one thing to definitely consider. If you lose it, you’ll be looking for a locksmith to help remove your lock.

Keyless locks are typically less secure as they can be opened with a code or other type of access control system. These are great as you can write down your passcode in several locations where it hopefully can’t be lost or forgotten about.

Another type of security is surveillance cameras.

Surveillance cameras can be used to monitor activity in and around the storage facility to deter theft, vandalism, and other malicious activity.

Alarm systems are also a common type of self-storage security measure. Depending on the type of alarm system, it can be triggered if a door or window is opened or if movement is detected inside the unit.

A fully fenced facility with an automatic gate system is another feature to look out for. Fully fenced facilities deter any crime and most automatic gate systems come with a reporting feature that allows managers to see how frequently people visit the facility, how long they’re on site, and at what times they frequently visit the storage facility. These reports are an added security measure that all facility managers should be aware of and utilizing.

Finally, a good self-storage facility will have a security guard or an on-site to monitor the premises and respond to any security issues.

In conclusion, various security measures can be implemented to ensure the safekeeping of your belongings in a self-storage facility. It is important to research the types of security measures the facility has in place to best safeguard your belongings. These features should be well considered when making your decision about which storage facility to rent from. Security is only one feature to consider when making your storage decision. For more ways to evaluate self storage facilities, be sure to check out our self storage evaluation guide. You don’t want to make the wrong decision then have to worry about moving all of your belongings over again!

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