The Benefits of Self Storage for Pharmaceutical Companies

As the pharmaceutical industry continues to grow, so does the need for storage space for its representatives' inventory. Self storage units have become an increasingly popular option for pharmaceutical sales representatives to store their products. Not only do self storage facilities offer convenient access to inventory, but they also provide additional space for drug samples, literature, and marketing tools.
Here are some factors that pharmaceutical companies and their reps should consider when selecting a self storage facility:
When it comes to storing pharmaceutical products, security is of utmost importance. You want to ensure that your inventory is protected from theft and damage. Look for a self storage facility that offers 24-hour surveillance cameras, access control systems, and onsite management. The facility should also have a good track record for safety and security. Make sure that the facility has proper fencing and gating to ensure that only authorized personnel can access the units. Additionally, check if the facility has alarm systems, security personnel, and monitored access.
Climate Control
Pharmaceutical products are sensitive to temperature and humidity. Storing them in a unit that is not climate-controlled can cause damage and reduce their effectiveness. Therefore, it is important to select a self storage facility that offers climate-controlled units. This will ensure that your inventory is kept at the optimal temperature and humidity levels.
The location of the self storage facility is also an important consideration. It should be close to your office or territory to make it easily accessible and convenient. This will save you time and money in transportation costs. Additionally, choosing a facility that is close to major highways or public transportation will make it easier to get to your inventory quickly.
The size of the unit you require will depend on the size of your inventory. Determine the amount of storage space that you need, taking into consideration the growth of your inventory. Choose a self storage facility that offers units in a variety of sizes, allowing you to adjust your space needs as your inventory grows or changes. This will help you to optimize your storage space and minimize your costs.
When storing your pharmaceutical inventory, accessibility is key. Choose a self storage facility that offers convenient access to your inventory. Look for facilities that offer extended hours, keypad access, and drive-up units for easy loading and unloading. This will save you time and make it easier to manage your inventory. Additionally, consider the layout of the facility and how easy it is to maneuver your vehicle within the facility.
Self storage facilities offer pharmaceutical companies a convenient and secure solution to store their inventory, samples, and marketing materials. When selecting a self storage facility, pharmaceutical companies should prioritize security, climate control, location, size, and accessibility. By taking these factors into consideration, reps can find a storage solution that fits their unique needs and helps them operate their business more efficiently. With the right self storage facility, companies can focus on what they do best - building relationships with healthcare professionals and delivering valuable pharmaceutical products to patients in need.
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